All 62 downloads for £4.99! WHY?!?!

All 62 downloads for £4.99! WHY?!?!

Every download has five activities lasting a few minutes each.

This makes a total of 310 activities lasting a minimum of 10 hours if only practised once. 

The cost is low because the cost of living is high. Prioritising music becomes an opportunity now.

Our goal is to make music practice support available to everyone, from all social backgrounds. These should only be used for as long as necessary so setting a high price makes no sense.

Pupils can use these to hear a correct version of pitches and rhythms and most importantly hear whether their own playing is correct. The quicker this happens the more they will enjoy playing.

Teachers can recommend these to get beginners progressing quickly. Their pupils can hear that they play pitches and rhythms correctly and build some confidence while reducing repetition in lessons.

These are offered as downloads so there is no issue if the internet or our IT isn't working properly.

There are no people to be seen or heard in any download so your child can practice on their own without anyone fearing impropriety.

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